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Hey my friends. It's been quite some time since last I was active on my website. Here are some updates. I recently started a youtube channel so go check that out: I will be working on recording my songs and creating a demo playlist soon. It will take awhile but eventually I will get that finished, In the meantime, you can go visit the channel to see some music/lyric vids but the channel is mostly compromised of talking about God and hope and sharing the love of Christ!!! Thanks for all your support. You all mean the world to me. 😀

October 1, 2016


Oh no! I'm sorry, I just realized that I didn't get to write my blog last month. I've been extremely busy lately now that school has started up again and I play for the soccer team. I haven't had much time for music either unless I was willing to give up sleep for it. I don't think that is worth it though.

I currently have straight A's again so far just like last year. I was accepted to the National Honor Society as well this month. It tells me that all my hard work has payed off. There is a tremendous amount of homework I come home to every night which can exhaust me sometimes especially at the end of the week. 


Have you ever had a moment when you say something that you regret and then later think of the perfect words you should've said? That has happened to me several times but yesterday was just a bit different. I was in my creative writing class and was supposed to read a poem in front of the class. I did my part and performed it. I haven't ever had a problem with stage fright and class performances never really bothered me; in fact, I always enjoy those projects. At the end of my poem, it made simple references to Christianity. I was confident in it and I didn't want to be afraid to speak out and be loud about what I believe.

When I had said the last word, I got applause from the class which was expected because everyone gets that. A few people looked a bit annoyed and some of the students just silenced themselves. After every performance, people are supposed to raise their hands for constructive feedback so we can know what we did well and what to improve.

A part of me was embarrassed of what I wrote in the poem but I fought that thought and let a smile still remain on my face and in my heart. I used that as an opportunity to spread the light of God. For the feedback, I heard lies in the back of my mind that said I did a terrible job on it but instead I refused to believe that and listened to the suggestions for how to improve my poem. 

I got home last night and stayed up late perfecting it to submit it through my iPad. It was in far better shape and I spent a few hours to make it just the way I hoped it would turn out. 

When I think about it now, it makes me realize that that was the devil speaking and I proved him wrong and didn't accept it as truth. I embraced the poem that I thought was terrible. 


One of my soccer coaches spoke to me several days ago on the way back from a game. I will never forget his words and they are glued to my mind. He told me about how it is not good to be prideful. I have always agreed with those words but at the same time, I wasn't sticking to that rule. 

My coach opened my eyes to the truth. I didn't realize that I was being that way but now I can't stop thinking about what I say, what I feel and how I act towards people so I can be the way that the Lord want to see from me. Thanks to him, I understand now. (If you read this Craig, thank you). 


I'm ready to have a great year and I hope you do too. Stay positive and never give up!!!!!!


August 6, 2016

I can't believe summer is almost coming to its end. The beautiful days at the beach, no school to worry about and my own hobbies consuming more time. This is one of my favorite times throughout the year. That is, along with the first few weeks of school. After that I get stimulated about weekends and enjoy my time off school quite a bit more. I'm pretty sure that heaps of people can relate to it too. Except I'm not sure if they can relate to my extreme desire to learn, even on my own time.

This summer was full of inspiration and I wrote approximately 10 to 12 songs since school ended. This weekend I will be filming a music video for my all time favorite song of mine. The setting is in the wilderness back behind my house. My plan was to invite a few friends to receive assistance from but they had other plans this weekend so now I will be doing this on my own. Last night I wrote a three-page plan to how this video will be layed out. I should be able to upload it here soon for all my viewers.  


Last Wednesday, I had my first Student Senate meeting for this school year. At first, I was a bit anxious to be in a room full of people that were considered to be "popular". In the end, it doesn't matter where anyone stands socially because we were all there to get to know each other and not to be judgmental. It felt fortunate to know that I wouldn't be mortified by anyone and I could be myself in a sincere manner. We played plenty of get-to-know-you games and I felt like I didn't have to worry about failing or being looked at as foolish- I'm no foolish child!


For the last few weeks, I wanted to try something new. Willpower is a strength that comes in life so often but many people never take the time exercise that intellectual muscle. I decided to get out of bed at four o'clock in the morning to work out. I also used my right hand (I'm left handed) for about a week so that I can trigger the opposite side of my brain for a mind exercise with writing skills and creativity. Productivity is another one of my amusements is to try new things and experiment. That should mean that I enjoy science in school-I despise it, shh don't tell Ms. science-y-smart-person-teacher. That's a secret! 

Speaking of experimentation, I "glittered" my electric guitar a weeks ago. I found a case of glitter that I got for Christmas but has never been used. I decided to mix it with some clear Elmer's Glue and paint it on the sides of this guitar. Then I wrote "Never Give Up" on the front. The only problem with it is that I still sweep up the mess that it left behind all over the kitchen floor. Now I'm not allowed to bring it downstairs due to the fact that it "sheds".  I guess that's what learning is all about, Now I have to come up with a way to keep it stable on the guitar without making messes. 


I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer and I'll enjoy mine as well. Now, no breaking deals with me, okay? (except there's no money involved). 

I want you all to Stay Strong and Never Give up! 


July (2016)


I performed in a talent show earlier today and it was fabulous. I didn't win or make it to finals, but I'm not worried about that. According to my family, the judges weren't very smart or fair in this area. "I thought you should've won," said my mother. I am well-practiced and I did all I can do about it. At first, I was a bit discouraged but it didn't take long for me to get over it. 

By the time I finished the performance and was ready to head home, I had gotten several hugs from people that absolutely adored the song. It made me feel so valuable and great that one simple, Christian song can have such an impact on one's life even if it's just for three minutes. 

I got to see some good friends there at the fair grounds (where the performance was held at) and memories were made. It inspired a new song I wrote tonight called "Smile Through Tears". That was a song that started last year at this same talent show when I didn't win. I know that I shouldn't let it hit me too hard, which is what I had the song be about. I want people to know that life doesn't revolve around winning and being "better" than everyone else. It was all a great experience. Part of the song goes like this (focus on what the words mean, not how they're said):

"everyone moment, has a reason

can't see beyond this time

I've gotta trust in the Lord" 


God definitely taught me a fantastic lesson to reflect on this week.

When I grabbed my guitar and began to head to the car, I was suddenly stopped by some guy that I didn't know. He introduced himself as a producer and said that he wanted to work with me sometime. I was given his card and a wide smile lit up on my face. I've been waiting for this moment for my whole life. It might not be how my life will turn out because I still need to do research on the company, but it's definitely a great start. I got so excited when I came home this evening so I had to tell my friends all about it. 

Flash back to earlier this summer, I got some voice lessons from my choir teacher and have had some pretty drastic goals in mind. I had a birthday and now I'm fifteen. So many new songs are being written. This summer is one to remember for decades and eventually will be re-told to my future kids and grand-kids.

It makes me joyous when I think about how far I've come in my music. I've improved by a great amount. I still remember my nine year old self singing at the top of my lungs in church being told to be quiet. Then comes when I was eleven and learned to play guitar and wrote my very first finished song. All these years of practice and experience has payed off. It won't be forgotten.

I hope everyone will have a great independence day and have a fabulous July. 


             Cheyenne R. Johnson



June (2016)

It was my birthday a few days ago. That is why I didn't update this blog. I've been very distracted lately.

I have much to say about my recent times. Let's start with a story. Last Wednesday, I had my last guitar club meeting for the year. We ended it with a party that parents were invited to and we all performed what we have been working on. Since I'm in the advanced, we all did separate pieces because we already know how to play. That group is more based on learning material and following our own goals and ambitions rather than learning the instrument.

I played one that was a "here for you" type of song called "you're not alone". The next one I played was called "Lies" and it is a Christian song. I could tell that some people didn't want to hear the song. But I saw others that seemed to have really enjoyed it due to the wide smiles on their faces. 

When the last chord was strummed, I got a huge applause and some people were waiting to talk to me. I put my golden guitar in its case and sat in the chair beside me as people started to move around and heading to their next destinations. There were a few people that came up to me saying what an amazing job I did. The smile on my face had widened. The next woman to talk to me was in tears asking "can I give you a hug?" I reached over to hug her and she told me that I did so well and she related to the songs. Others said the said the same and I got a few more hugs out of that. That day was a blessing and I won't ever forget the first day I realized what kind of impact my music has on other people. That lifted me up like a star in the sky. It was definitely a day to remember. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Tomorrow is the last day of school. I am stoked and I have many great plans for the summer with music and fitness goals. This Friday, I will be planning my schedules and events for the summer. 

I've got three months to spend on music and fitness that it is making me excited. I also am planning on doing a great amount of writing this summer as well. 

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your summer and Never Give Up!   🙂

- Cheyenne Johnson

May (2016)

Hello to my incredible viewers. I hope you're all doing fantastic today. The track season is almost over and summer is coming quickly. I can't wait until I can finally have time to relax in the heat and not have to worry about the stress of school. 

Today is the very last track meet this year until districts and state. I am super grateful for a wonderful year and I will make the best of this meet. I personally am not a huge fan of track meets because it's full of competition and I'm not necessarily a competitive person. 

That reminds me of a conversation I had with my parents the other night. We were talking about this exact topic of competition and how I don't enjoy the stress and Anxiety of it. I'd much rather practice and do things that benefit myself, not try and be better than everyone else. 

People have told me in the past that I should try to get on America's Got Talent but I'm always opposed the that idea. There are other ways to start a career in the Music industry. I don't need to compete with thousands of others just to get what I want. If I won, I'd feel happy and grateful but I'd also feel bad for everyone who didn't win. If I lost, I'd feel bad too because I didn't accomplish my dream. 

That's why I would much rather do my own thing and not do it to show off or try and be the best at something. I understand that people are going to be better than me and that I won't win every time. I have jealousy issues and I try not to but it happens. If I don't even worry about other people, I can separate myself from jealousy. 

I have some pretty big plans in my life that are important to me. That's my explanation if anyone asks me why I don't want to get famous by a TV show. 

I would like to hear some input on what you guys think of this. Please comment on the bottom of this page. Thanks for all your support and have a great month. 


Never Give Up!


April (2016)

I hope everyone had a great month. I've been having some great days lately which puts a wide smile on my face and I won't let go. 

In high school, there tends to be a boat load of teenage drama involved. I've been stuck in this friendship battle at school and it makes it hard to function the way I should. Every morning when I wake up to go to school, I wonder how that day is going to play out and my stomach turns. I know from experience that it does not feel very pleasant. 

I worry about who likes me and weather I have friends or not. No one likes to be alone. Am I right? Sometimes it's not a bad thing to be alone but only to some extent. I like to feel excepted for who I am. Most people do. It's not abnormal to want to make friends and fit in a little bit (and to some people, a lot). I still remember the social anxiety that goes along with it.  

It's difficult to explain all that goes on with my friends and I but I'll just say that we are all still trying to find ourselves and figure out where we stand in the world. That means mistakes will be made and a few tears might fall in the process. That world is not a perfect place. 

What I've learned through all this is that I don't need to be in pain from it. I don't need to avoid certain people just because they made me upset. There's no need for tears and no need for starting more fights. I don't need people to tell me how to be or what I should do. I am my own individual, if you haven't noticed. 

I have more control over how It eel than I once thought I did. When people are rude or hate on me, I get back up and put a smile on my face. I talk myself through it so I can think clearly again. If I have a positive outlook on life, it makes the worst of situations that much better. 

For example, I was at an awards assembly yesterday. I could've walked away hurt because I only got two. Or I could've walked away happy that I got two awards instead of one. What did I do? I walked away with a smile on my face congratulating others who got awards. Last time, I remember getting seven awards which made me feel incredible. I felt a little too good and I didn't want to be greedy or make others jealous.

This time, I might have been a bit surprised not to get one from certain teachers, but I was okay with it. I try and make the best of situations and sometimes I over think it. It's not that big of a deal unless I make it that way.

A lot of this has to do with self-confidence. Many teenagers struggle with it. People are so judgmental these days and I wish there was something I could do about it. Unfortunately, I don't have the power to change other people. What we can do though is to change ourselves. We can make ourselves better and seek good things. It makes such a world of difference when it comes to being happy and ambitious. 

We can all do amazing things but so many of us just don't see it. If we work together, we can help make the world a better place and we can be happier people ourselves. I love you all and I hope you can have a great month.

God bless you, 

        Cheyenne Johnson                                                                                                                                               cheyenne 172    chey 111

March (2016)

Track started last week, finals is coming up again, and I haven't had as much time as I wanted to with music. I doodle around on my piano on my free time and find amazing ideas but can't get to them because I have so much to do. It's been quite stressful. 

I thought that I'd be able to work on music today since it's Saturday, but instead, I had to do chores, study for finals, and catch up on my reading and my writing. I got a few minutes out of my day to sit down and play with ideas but that isn't nearly enough time to write a whole song.

I feel like I'm complaining in some ways but my words have a purpose. My point is, life doesn't always turn out exactly how you want it to. I still remind myself that every day and you should too because it's very important. I am a type of person that is organized and I get upset when something ruins my schedule. At home, I'm known as someone who is smart and manages time exceedingly well. It feels great to be in control but I do have to realize that not everything is going to go exactly the way I want it to.

When I create new ideas for songs but don't have the time to work with it, it's okay to jot it down and save it for later when I do have time. It doesn't have to be right away. I just take a deep breath and make sure my priorities are in the right places.

For every one of you who read this blog, I wish you all good luck to managing stress. It's very important to keep that stress level down. Never Give Up! 


February (2016)

Has anyone ever noticed that hugs can be very comforting and can warm you on a rough day? I have my struggles and there are times when things don't go well for me as it happens to everyone. It always makes me feel great when I go up to someone and give them a free hug. I do that to people who look sad or depressed because I know how it feels. I do that when I'm going through a rough time also and it makes me feel like I'm not alone even if I feel like it. No one is ever alone because the Lord is always with us and he fills us with hope. You can run to him for anything and he's always there. He doesn't reject you, or take you down like people you might see in school.

I know how it can feel to be insecure and how emotions can seem to last forever. But it will get better because God has a plan for everyone and depression isn't it. It might happen for a while but not forever. Remember that te word "forever" means eternity which is a very long time. My point is that hugs can be a powerful resource to when someone feels alone. It's just a reminder that God's light shines through people in many ways and hugs are one of them. It feels great to recieve them and give them.

I just got back from a youth conference called Generation Unleashed (GU). I am so uplifted and I expect it to last forever or at least a very long time. I learned so much and it was worth missing half a day at school and the weekend. The worship was amazing and so were the preachers. I related to many topics we discussed. I am changed than I was last week. I feel different than what I used to be. My friends are amazing and I got to hang out with them all weekend. They are so encouraging and I'm blessed to have such good friends. The funny thing is that none of us are the same age. It varies within a few years. Age doesn't matter.
I hope everyone has a great and fabulous February. Keep a smile on your face and let God's light shine through. Never give up... evercheyenne 271cheyenne 233!cheyenne 232cheyenne 260

January (2016)

I hope everyone had such a wonderful holiday season. For me, it was fabulous. I spent time with my family and enjoyed ourselves through it all. My favorite holiday is Christmas so it's always great to be in that time of year again.

I stayed up until about 1:30 am on New Years Eve/Day. I watched a movie with my mom and sister at midnight because I can. I haven't watched it for a year for the reason of a deal I made with my dad. I said that I wouldn't watch TV for a year and he would pay me for it. It felt like an extreme accomplishment when I stood there at the end of the year to realize that I achieved my number one goal for 2015.


Lately I have had much more inspiration and self-confidence than usual. That led me to new and greater songs as well as have the confidence to start learning to play a left-handed guitar. That might make you believe that I'm right handed, but don't be fooled. I write with my left hand but do most things with my right hand. Therefore, I play a right handed guitar if you haven't noticed in some of my pictures.

The main reason I wanted to start playing left-handed was because it scientifically triggers the other side of the brain to allow me new and different types of ideas that I never would've thought of with a right handed guitar. I can't say that it works because I haven't tried it yet (I first need to learn to play a left-handed one). I'm just saying that I'm willing to try it and it's worth my time to learn. I love trying new things to inspire new ideas. So far, it has worked for me with what I have tried (such as different instruments, and different environments).

I hope everyone has a great year and I will post more next month as always. Continue to follow your dreams, and Never Give Up!

    cheyenne 064     cheyenne 055

                                                                 (my new left-handed guitar)

December (2015)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I sure did. It was a great time for fellowship with my incredible family. We had a great time.

Lately I have been keeping life interesting by learning as much as I can about music. I know that learning is definitely one of my main hobby because it gives me an opportunity to do something better than I already do. Last week, I spent so much time reading educational music books and got back to an old song I've been working on. Once I was finished, I thought it sounded better than I have ever written before. That's the power of learning kids, so listen up.  

One thing I've noticed in life is that schedules don't always work out as planned. I make this schedule for every day after school and expect to follow it consistently. There is always something that can get in that way so don't get mad if it doesn't work out exactly how you want it to.iv'e already tried that. It's great to have goals but if you plan on something to happen every single day, it might get ruined. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The other day I went through all my song ideas and found one that caught my eye. It said "I can't let them win this rough game of life. Even when it's getting harder, I'll keep building stronger." I wrote it about a year ago and never got back to writing the song. It definitely has power to the lines and I am going to use it soon. I love the message I came up with in words. So don't base your self-confidence on what people think of you. It doesn't help if you care about what others think. That would be their problem not yours. 

That brings me back to a time when I had to go to my mom's work after school. I needed new ideas for a song so I thought it would be a good idea to go on an observing session. I walked down the aisles in that public place with a journal in hand and wrote down everything that I saw people do, say or something that interests me.

People looked at me strangely and wonder what I was doing but I didn't care what they thought. I saw some people that I knew and may have embarrassed them a bit but I didn't care. I had a wide smile on my face and kept my head up as I observed everyone. I asked some people questions and got some things figured out for a new song.

This night was a very valuable lesson in self-confidence. Don't ever care about what people think unless it is constructive criticism which is a good thing.


News of my life right now would be the fact that finals are next week and I've been studying so much because I'm going to make sure I get an A on the tests. For the first trimester, I have strait A's so far and I want to keep it that way.

For Choir I have to perform in a concert this Tuesday. I got a solo again so I'm pretty exited about that, All my hard work is going to pay off and I love performing in concerts. I can't wait!!!

Have a great month and a great Christmas! Goodbye until next blog in January. 

November (2015)

It's been about two months since school started. I feel like it's been longer because so much as happened already. That includes mainly school projects, and music. I've just been very busy with life but I'm not complaining.

As far as my grades are going, I have strait A's. I'll just hold it for the rest of this year and three more years, and I'll achieve my main high school goal. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I'll be one to achieve that kind of high standard. I'll just keep pretending that this "race" is almost over.

The performance last month at the board meeting I once spoke of, was marvelous. They greeted me at the door and everyone there was happy to see me. I have never performed for a crowd that literally was waiting for this moment.

I began to play one of my newest songs and I felt deep connection between my and the crowd. 

As soon as I finished with a last strum of the guitar, I heard claps of people's hands, and saw gorgeous laughter of excitement. I left the room to feeling great, and a woman who is the mom of an old friend of mine, came up to me and said I did amazing. It even brought a tears to her eyes, but at least they were happy tears.

That was such a good experience for me and I'm glad that I made people happy.


My tip of the month is about how to make yourself happy, even on a bad day. Everyone has bad days sometimes but we all want ways to make it better.

I can't promise anything, but I'll just share a few tips that have worked for me. Also, please note that it's not a cure for sadness or depression. 

First of all, I'd like to introduce a time in sixth grade, science class. I had a teacher named Ms. Welsh and at the time, we were learning about the human body. The point is what we learned one day. we smiled for two minutes and it's supposed to scientifically trick your brain into thinking you're happy. Just be sure that you smile wide for the best results.

I do it every morning and I find that it helps get my day off to a good start. Every time I try that, I laugh immediately afterwards and I feel great.

The next tip I suggest is to journal. There are many different types of journalism but here, I'm talking about keeping in touch with your emotions.

I bring a journal every where I go and write about my life on free time. That includes on bus rides, when I'm eating lunch, when the teacher takes attendance etc. You don't necessarily have to write about only the happy times, but just anything that comes to mind. Even the bad times, because it helps clear your mind and express yourself in a healthy way.


Goodbye until December.

Never give up!



October (2015)

I hope you all are doing fantastic on this wonderful day. To start, I have some great news. I will be performing at my school board meeting on October 13th. I just got this news last Friday and to get the news, smiles fell upon me like sunshine in the rain. 

I recently started high school last month and it is going pretty good. I have strait A's like my main goal this year which is good. I remember on the first day of school when I talked to a girl I had just met. "I think everyone's goal is to get strait A's," she said after I explained what my goal is. "ya but the difference is that I actually accomplish my goals," I replied because I know so many people who set goal but they are never on the "achieved" list.

I want everyone to know some very important advice I would like to give you. We all make little goals but sometimes they don't reach a piece of paper, or aren't even said out loud, however if you want something bad enough, it's very possible. Like I've said a thousand times before , never give up. 

One goal planning technique I've tried that works is to:1. write down your goals. 2. write down how you will achieve your goals. 3. make a deadline for each goal. 4. leave reminders and notes everywhere to see (that way your excuse can't be, "I forgot").

Every week, I usually make one specific, main goal for music. I make little quest booklets that explain the goal and what I will do every day of the week to achieve that goal. I encourage you to try it too! If you can write all that information down about it, then it must be important enough to do.

Keep dreaming and Never Give Up!

September (2015)

Hi everyone. School is about to start for me and tat’s super exiting. I literally spent weeks on learning techniques on how to study and watched little school advice videos. I found out that I am 40% a visual learner, 40% an auditory learner, and 16% a kinesthetic learner. If you don’t know what that is, you can go to a website called "".That’s where I got all the information about this.
A few days ago I learned a great lesson in life. It’s to never assume anything. I have a constant fear of people being mad at me. So I thought my best friend was mad at me when she didn’t respond to my text messages. I had made a huge mistake because she was just really busy and couldn’t text back at the moment. I learned that if I do want to assume then try and assume the best because It makes me that much happier.

If you guys think something of someone, the best thing to do would be to ask them upfront and lay down all the facts before you jump to conclusions.
That’s my tip of the month. I hope this helped you.

Have a great end to your summer if you haven’t started school yet. Even if you have or don’t go to school, still have a good time with what life brings you. Have a great month and never give up!

August (2015)

I have decided something. For each blog I write I am going to wrap up some sort of life lesson that is interconnected with the topic of never give up. For this reason I want to ask all of you if you have an idea for what life really means. That means that I’d like to know if you can think of a simile, a metaphor, of even just draw a picture of what it means to you. These are some examples of what I came up with. Note that these ideas are not supposed to represent the same scenario. They are different ideas completely and aren’t supposed to be related in any way.


At the talent show last month I made it to finals but I didn’t win. I competed last year and won (it was easy because there were only three components). The point is that just because I was a little bit disappointed for not winning doesn’t mean I gave up or let it ruin my day. Before finals started, I saw a very talented dancer cry because she didn’t make it to finals. I saw that her parents were there for her and supported her all the way, and I thought that was the coolest thing to see. I told the girl that she did a very good job at her performance and she smiled and said thank you. I just want you to know that no matter what anyone says weather its enemies from school or judges at a talent show, you are very talented and keep chasing your own dreams. The only opinion that matters is Gods opinion.

It was once said “opinions aren’t facts, stop worrying about what other people think about you.“ My best friend, Alyssa sent that to me one day when I felt that pain. This quote really reminds me how important it is to be yourself and that their opinions don’t matter.

When I got done with this show my mom said “So Cheyenne are you bumbed that you didn’t win? You took that very well and I’m proud of you. Good job and I thought you did amazing.” it felt really good to hear that. I told her that yes I am a little bit sad but its okay because I know I did my best and I had fun. As we were getting ready to leave, I had a big smile on my face and saw one of the judges stare at me for a short moment. I didn’t care of what anyone else thought or did. I was just happy that I got such a great opportunity for performing at an event like this. Also I have nothing to complain about because I have a family to support me as I step into the world and follow my dreams. The first place winner probably needed it more than I did. Plus, I won last year. I don’t need to win two years in a row.

I still remember what my guitar teacher once told me on one of the last practices. We were talking about songwriting and he went on about how art should never be judged. Its an expression of emotions by someone and its no longer to have fun and enjoy expressing emotions. Now its suddenly all about fame or winning a prize out of greed and selfishness. I agree with what he had to say about this. I really want everyone to just be yourself and don’t let anything or anyone stop you because you are capable of so much in life. Never give up!

July (2015)

Is everyone having a good summer so far? Today I have to tell you some really good news, but first I am going to share with you an important lesson I learned over the past school year. That is, that words you say or actions you do are like pens that can't erase. It stays there forever but when the paper is thrown away then that's when everyone has moved on and forgiveness took place. So right now I am going to encourage all of you to really be careful what you say to people, and think before you speak. Be aware that every little word you say makes all the difference in the world to someone. Whatever you do say, make sure it will be uplifting to them and don't tear them down.

The great news I have for you today is some special event that will be happening on Friday. I will be performing at a talent show in La pine, Oregon for the frontier days event they do yearly. Yes, it's for independence day on purpose. Although that is on Saturday.  But you get the picture. The songs are two originals called, "never give up" and "moving on." 

Another fantastic thing is that I have organized a goal list for the summer:


Have a great independence day!!!



June (2015)

My name is Cheyenne Johnson and this is my very first blog. I will be writing one on the first day of every month because as a songwriter, it is crucial that I learn how to be a fabulous writer in general. It will also keep my creativity level at a high point on the scale.

For the past few months I have been extremely busy with life. Besides school and homework, I am working on writing all my songs for a demo I will futuristically record. That will be on this website once I’m finished. School is almost out so I will soon have more time to work on music. 

Other than this project, I’ve been focusing on keeping my grades to all A’s. Because of this, I was recently accepted in a program called AVID. It stands for “Advancement Via Individual Determination”. AVID is a program that helps you with your grades, and prepares you for college. Next year as a freshman, and for the rest of high school, I will be attending the program as an elective. This will be a great opportunity for me to also learn about things such as study habits, organization, and getting help with homework.

Thank you all so much for finding my webpage and have a spectacular day!!!

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