Mission Statement



The goal of my website, YouTube channel and music is to inspire others and share God’s message of hope. Over the past few years, I have learned many life lessons that has brought me closer to the Lord. I want others to experience the same joy and satisfaction from letting God handle our lives. He is our creator and therefore is able to do a lot more than we can.

I have prayed countless times about the purpose of my life’s calling. For years, I have envisioned playing my songs for thousands of people and sharing the universal sound of inspiration; to relate to each other and not hold back from being our true authentic selves. It is such an incredible gift from God to fellowship before Him and build each other up. We grow stronger together than a single soul. We were not made to stand alone but to come as we are and share the powerful love of Christ. It is rather easy to be tempted and tricked into vanity and selfishness when it comes to building a large audience. I don’t want to think that way and I always want to make sure I’m doing this for the right reasons. In the past, I’ve struggled with pride and jealousy which are both a result of insecurity and selfishness. It is a daily prayer that I say; to ask God to make sure my heart is in the right place. I love everyone so much and I want to do this for all of us, for the Lord and because it is so fulfilling which is, in part for myself; but not for vanity.

My mission is to break the walls we build in front of our deepest struggles and desires. It’s okay to embrace who we were made to be and what we need help with. I know how it feels to hear a song that resonates with me and inspires me in some way. I want to do the same thing in someone else’s life. However, I could never take the credit for these songs. I give the glory to God and without Him, I’d never be able to write songs that matter or even sound remotely good (trust me, I’ve tried that).

Since I was a little girl, my life motto has always been “never give up” but as I’ve matured and grown up a little more, I added “on yourself, your life, or your future”. I did that because simply “never give up” didn’t convey the entire message. That could mean to never give up on a form of revenge or self-sabotage. Now at the end of every YouTube video, I always state my motto, “never give up on yourself, your life, or your future”.

Now lets come together and lift one another up in Christ. Stay strong, my friends. I love you all.

Never give up on yourself, your life, or your future!!!!